7 Key Benefits Of Vinyl Plank Flooring You Must Know

Weighing up the different flooring options is a difficult task at the best of times.

Even if you are leaning towards luxury vinyl plank, there’s still so many options to choose from! Not to mention, understanding the real benefits of vinyl plank flooring is hard when all you have to go off is the sales rep.

Fear not! We’ve made your job easier by rounding up the biggest and most important advantages to this flooring.

1) Realistic and Beautiful Designs

Vinyl plank comes in many shapes and sizes, as well as many different designs.

Whether you’re going for the hardwood timber look in a new home, or you’re styling a rustic beach house, the choices are practically endless. For those that prefer the slate tiled look, you’ll find that as well.

But there’s one thing most good vinyl plank floors have in common. They are designed in such a way that it’s near impossible (even for the biggest skeptic) to spot the difference between a ‘real’ timber floor and a vinyl plank install.

I’m guessing you’ve seen some samples so you know what I am talking about. Assuming you’ve found something ou like the look of, what other advantages are there with luxury vinyl flooring? Read on to find out.

2) Kinder To The Feet

If you’ve ever walked across a cold, hard surface for any lenght of time this is something you need to take into consideration. By design, vinyl plank is much softer to walk on than many other flooring options out there. It has a level of ‘bounce’ that absorbs impact as you walk.

It’s also a lot less cold on your feet as well. This may not seem like a big deal, but this can make a significant difference to your overall comfort on cold nights and early mornings. This is by far the more stable in terms of temperature in comparison to tile and timber floors.

3) Safe For The Whole Family

Moving past the look and feel, and not to be overlooked is the safety factor.

Vinyl floors are generally less slippery than flooring like polished porcelain or timber, in wet or dry conditions. However, this ultimately comes down to the individual product you purchase so it pays to do your research if having a highly slip resistant vinyl floor is critical.

Also worth mentioning is that it doesn’t splinter, crack, or chip like other floors do over time or when something is dropped on top of it. Not only does this make it more durable, but it makes it safer for everyone, especially toddlers.

Speaking of which, most good vinyl floors have antimicrobial properties embedded into the plank itself which makes it safer from a germs perspective. There’s no substitute for keeping your floor clean, but this is a notable feature of a good vinyl plank floor.

4) Easy To Install and Maintain

For the DIY’ers reading this, you’re going to be hard pressed finding an easier floor to install and maintain than this.

Of course, it does depend on the type of flooring you install (floating or glued) but it’s one of the simplest floors to install. Tiling is very much a trade qualified skill just as the installation of timber requires a carpenter.

In this case, you learn the basics, get what you need, prep the floor and away you go. You need very little in the way of tools too, so the cost of installation is negligible in comparison to other options.

As far as cleaning your vinyl plank and keeping it tip top, it doesn’t get much easier than this. It is (without a doubt) among the easiest floors to keep clean. A simple mop with warm water and a mild detergent is more than enough to keep vinyl looking brand new, for years to come.

5) Works In Many Different Rooms

You know you can install vinyl plank in the main areas of your home. However, you may not know that it can be installed in wet areas such as bathrooms, laundries and toilets too. This is because the planks themselves are waterproof, and when the installation is done correctly, water is never an issue.

It is still recommended to waterproof your bathroom in accordance with the correct standards in your area though, as there is no substitute for this. Regardless of the material used. But the material itself is well equiped for any water you can throw it’s way!

6) Extremely Durable For Lasting Pleasure

As mentioned earlier, vinyl flooring will not chip, crack or splinter over time. Period.

But nothing is perfect and it will gouge if you try hard enough! But this is made with PVC and other high quality coatings to ensure it will look as good in 20 years as the day it was installed. It is made so tough that few floors could ever come close to how structurally durable it is. Especially given it’s level of flexibility.

For example, tiles can become loose when installed over a timber floor with structural movement. This is more common than you may think. There is some flexibility there and a good installation of tiles will have a greater tolerance to movement. But in any case, vinyl plank simply does not have this issue. It is highly flexible and will not waver, even with a lot of movement.

In any case, vinyl plank is an extremely durable flooring in just about any environment.

7) Cost Effective Solution

Vinyl plank is one of the most affordable flooring options in existence. This was once considered a ‘cheap alternative’ flooring. However, with modern technological advances, vinyl plank is far from a compromise.

When you work out the comparison costs with most other flooring types, this comes in at an easy winner almost every time.

But that doesn’t mean you should always go for the cheap option either. To the contrary.

I always recommend going for a quality solution above the cheapest option (unless it’s a massive sale) because what you save now, you will pay for later on. Cheap flooring can yellow, wear out and generally look like rubbish in time.

So, while vinyl plank is a very affordable option, avoid the ‘cheapest’ option within vinyl plank as you may come to regret it otherwise.


There you have it! These are the biggest benefits to vinyl plank flooring and ample reason to consider this in your home or investment property.

Like any flooring product however, there are disadvantages to vinyl plank flooring worth considering before you buy.

5 thoughts on “7 Key Benefits Of Vinyl Plank Flooring You Must Know”

  1. I never knew that vinyl flooring could be so durable! My husband and I are wanting to get new flooring in our living room because our carpet is stained and we didn’t know what type we should get. We’ll have to look into getting vinyl flooring for our living room!

  2. You got my attention when you said that vinyl is one of the affordable flooring options and is durable. My sister recently renovated her kitchen and needs to install a new floor. She will be happy to know how beneficial vy¿inyl material is and how affordable it is.

  3. I wanted to add a bit to your list of pros when it comes to LVP: You nailed several of the best reasons, especially when it comes to price. Another advantage it how strong the wear layers can be; There are several options for LVP to include a compound called aluminum oxide in the finish which heavily increases the strength of the wear layer. Aluminum Oxide is one of the hardest compounds apart from diamonds. This is obviously a huge advantage as it makes the planks nearly impervious to scratches.

    Another advantage is the Embossed in Register (ER) technique. With ER, the texture of the plank matches up perfectly with the register or the original graphic. This means that every grain is captured in detail, including wood knots. An advantage of this is increased surface area so you won’t slip or fall. Finally, LVP is inherently waterproof because of its tight seal and composition. That being said, you shouldn’t leave water sitting on it or any floor for exorbitant amounts of time, meaning weeks, as it will eventually seep through anything. Then you’ll have to call your insurance adjuster haha.

    Hope this Helps!

  4. It’s awesome that you point out that vinyl flooring is very easy to maintain. I want to get a new floor for my kitchen that won’t need a lot of maintenance, so I’m thinking about having a vinyl one installed. I’m going to search for a good business in my area that can install some vinyl flooring for me.

  5. My husband and I inherited my mom’s house after she passed away last year of cancer. We are thinking about renting out the house in order to raise money for charities that help with cancer research, and we want to remodel the house a bit before we start renting it. Our first step is having the flooring replaced, and it is good to know that vinyl plank flooring is extremely durable because it won’t crack and splinter over time.

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