3 Reasons Luxury Vinyl Plank Is Better To Walk On

There’s 3 main reasons I think Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) is nicer on your feet and better for you than harder materials like tile and timber and in this article I explain why.

It’s Softer & More Shock Absorbent

The single biggest reason it’s nicer on your feet is because of it’s ‘sponge like’ quality. Given the flexibility of the materials used to make LVP, it provides more shock absorption than many hard surface flooring options. A less rigid floor is just nicer to walk on, it’s really that simple.

Of course, the amount of shock absorption depends on the individual product and whether you lay them loosely or stick them down. For example, when you loose lay your planks it is always recommended to use a soft underlayment. This underlay can provide a moisture barrier, added warmth, acoustic deadening properties and enhance the shock absorbing qualities of the floor.

The noise barrier won’t affect your feet but your neighbour will sure as heck thank you if they’re living under you 🙂

Another thing to remember is that the ‘softer’ the impact of your step, the less overall strain you are putting on your body, particularly your joints. If you compared a tiled floor with a quality LVP and underlay installation, you might be surprised at the difference that can make to you in the longterm. That said, I’m not a doctor and that’s just my opinion! I’d only consider this as a genuine buying factor if you had a large floor area and walked on it continuously throughout the day without wearing good footwear. Food for thought.

Warmer On The Feet

You probably know quite well how it feels to walk on cold tiles or timber in the colder periods right? Not a big deal but it’s not very pleasant either.

In comparison to many other types of flooring and just plain concrete, LVP is much warmer on the feet. Anything other than carpet will always be cold in winter to an extent but generally speaking, this is one of the warmest and most temperature stable options on the market. I’ve had both tiles and LVP in my home and I have to say it sucks having to wear socks all the time. I love tiles don’t get me wrong, but in terms of warmth these are miles ahead.

Potentially Safer

It’s no secret that tiles can sometimes have sharp edges (I mean really freaking sharp) and timber can potentially ‘splinter’ in the places over the years, not to mention they’re not as hygienic in most cases. This is probably going to be more of a concern if you have young children crawling around, but either way it may be worth taking this into consideration.

The shock absorbing factors also extend to this category as well. For example, if you’re clumsy like me and drop a glass now and then, it’s way less likely to shatter on an LVP surface than somehting as hard as concrete. A few million less bits of glass lying around is always good right?

Another two factors to consider are slip and hygiene. Many LVP products have have anti-slip properties built in and since they can be used in wet areas, they’re generally going to be less slippery than a lot of modern polished tiles. This coupled with how easy LVP is to keep clean and it’s non-porous nature (also many products come with anti-microbial properties) it’s easy to see why vinyl is the #1 flooring used by major hospitals throughout the world.

As far as keeping your floor germ free is concerned, vinyl is a solid option.

The Bottom Line

There’s a lot of different factors to take into consideration when deciding on the right flooring for your needs. This article has touched on some of the reasons it’s nicer to walk on and in some respects potentially a little better for your overall health and well being.

Overall I believe it’s warmer, softer and all round better than many alternative options on the market, but it’s not all good news. I’ve written a full review on the pros and cons of vinyl plank which is probably worth checking out before making that final decision to buy.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps!

3 thoughts on “3 Reasons Luxury Vinyl Plank Is Better To Walk On”

  1. You will still need to ensure the bathroom has been waterproofed by a professional to stop any potential water breaching the bathroom. But Vinyl Plank is certainly very water resistant and in many cases suitable for a bathroom environment. It’s always best to check with the individual product to make sure before you buy though.

    Hope this helps! Cheers

  2. We had LVP installed in a home we bought a few months ago. We like the look, but the tapping sound when walking across the floor is making us crazy. When I asked our salesman about it, he told me that residential installations did not include gluing down the planks. Is there anything we can do now, short of starting over?

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